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Do I need to process with Savvy to get access to your Analytics service?

Not at all. Savvy provides analytics to our processing customers, but we also take transaction data feeds from other processors or in-house solutions. We can run Analytics for everyone.

We have along queue for IT resources, what resources will Analytics need?

There’s no need for any internal IT resource because Savvy does all the heavily lifting, so projects can start straight away

Can we create our own reports?

Absolutely. Savvy analytics is designed to enable you to build custom reports, specific to your needs with no caps or limits on the reports you want to create

How will my data be protected?

Your data will be 100% secure and safe. We run Analytics on  Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure and for additional security we fully tokenize your card data, so that no usable gift card numbers are ever stored.

How do I justify the cost of analytics to my business?

Analytics enable you to make informed business decisions to improve sales and remove cost wastage. Furthermore, we can dramatically improve your internal reconciliation processes between your sales data and your transactional datasets. Savvy can help build your specific internal business case.

What’s the advantage of moving my gift card processing to Savvy?

Savvy’s flexible approach enables us to configure our solutions in-line with your business needs, providing exceptional service and cost savings opportunities.

Will moving processing involve a lot of IT resource?

Actually no it doesn’t have to be that way! Savvy will integrate with your existing gift card messaging, meaning no POS development and limited IT impact for your team.

What if I have an in-house program and we want to retain ownership of the technology?

Savvy can provide our solution as a PaaS model, enabling you to host and manage the software, or, of course we can provide outsourced processing – whatever is best for your business needs.

Which third part resellers are you connected to?

Savvy manages over 100 API connections to 3rd party systems and we are already connected to all major resellers. Any new API’s are quickly implemented at low cost, so you can take advantage of additional sales opportunities.

Why is Savvy the best option for launching a gift card program?

Savvy works with your business to provide the solution that is the best fit for your business. Because we don’t need minimum volumes, you can grow your program at your own pace, while benefiting from our knowledge, experience and Industry connections.

Can I choose my own preferred approach and technology platform for online sales?

Yes. Savvy will work with the online gift card sales provider that is best for your business. Our independent approach is built around enabling you to benefit from the partnerships you choose.