Savvy is thrilled to announce their selection to provide gift card processing and reporting services for fast growing Naked Wines plc.

March 3, 2021

Savvy was awarded the project after a competitive bid process involving the major players in the gift card industry. Savvy offered a highly flexible technology solution with exceptional value relative to cost. In addition, Naked Wines was able to leverage the abundance of experience and insight that Savvy brings to every engagement.

About Naked Wines

Naked Wines connects everyday wine drinkers with the world's best  independent winemakers. Why? Because we think it's a better deal for everyone. Talented  winemakers get the support, funding and freedom they need to make the best wine they've  ever made. The wine drinkers who support them get much better wine at much better prices  than traditional retail. Our mission is to change the way the whole wine industry works for the  better. In the last year, we have served over 750,000 individual customers in the US, UK and  Australia, making us a leading player in the fast growing direct-to-consumer wine market.

About Savvy

Savvy owns and operates a highly secure cloud-based processing platform  which enables hundreds of brands to run domestic and international, physical and digital gift  card programs and other forms of stored value programs, supporting digital refunds, rewards,  incentives, and discounts. Our customers transact 24x7x365 across 33 different currencies  globally. For more information, please visit:

"Naked Wines is delighted to launch their UK Gift Card program in Spring/Summer 2021  with Savvy’s industry-leading support. Gift Cards are the perfect vehicle to help more  people discover our talented independent winemakers and enjoy the world class wines  they create.” 
– Joanne Gunn, Growth Director at Naked Wines